Popular Dancer Teyana Taylor Reveals NEW BREAST IMPLANTS . . . Too Big??

Pop star/actress Teyana Taylor unveiled her new body, which came as a result of recent breast implant surgery. And she definitely looks a lot different.

Teyana always had a nice shape, but now her body is even more exaggerated. The implants, we're told are size DD. That's a very large size for a woman as small as Teyana.

This is the second set of implants that Teyana received since giving birth to daughter Junie nearly three years ago.

The first set of implants, were less aggressive. You can see them in the Kanye West FADE video:

But Teyana's new implants are well . .. they're gigantic. Here she was last night:
Almost exactly a year ago Teyana was discussing her physique on Ebro in the Morning. And she talked fitness and revealed that she actually underwent breast reduction surgery after giving birth to her daughter.
“They were so heavy. When I did the Kanye fashion show they were just bigger than me,” she said. “And I was just like, ‘This is just too much.’ I took ’em down. I took ’em all the way down. The thing about it was, it was all excess, just tissue and milk. It was so much stuff and I was just like, ‘This gotta go.'”

At the time Taylor told Ebro that her breasts are finally back to where they used to be and that she feels a lot more comfortable, despite the terrible scar the surgery left behind.

“When I look at these scars I don’t like at them like, ‘Ugh; because I’m blessed,” she added. “I’m not gonna front, I thought that my stomach was going to get ruined. I didn’t know what to expect, which is the reason I didn’t tell the label for a long time. I didn’t tell the label, I didn’t tell them when I was on tour. I was thugging it out because I didn’t want to be treated differently. But it happened and I was blessed because within six days, the six-pack was back. I didn’t really have to get a reduction but that’s what I needed.”

But clearly her feelings changed because she's since gone back up in size.



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