Man Narrates How He Almost Got Robbed Along Eko Bridge In Lagos

By | On March 13, 2019

A man has narrated how he almost got robbed due to the trucks which usually park along Eko Bridge at night.

In a series of tweets he shared on his page, the windscreen of his car got smashed by a thief who pointed a gun at him and demanded for his phone.

However, he summoned courage and freed himself from the thief without losing any of his belongings.

He wrote,

LOL. Almost got robbed tonight. Almost because man broke my window, pointed a gun at me and told me to give him my phone or he will kill me. I didn’t.

Thank you guys. I’m okay. Just a few bruises from the shards of glass.

Also a bit shook at how unafraid I was in that moment. He could have shot. He could have brought out a knife and stabbed. That was stupid stupid stupid. Chidi. It’s just a fucking phone.

TBH, I’d have given him the phone if it hadn’t fallen under my seat after he smashed my window. But while I was trying to reach for it, adrenalin set in. Looked at his face and thought, this one won’t shoot. The gun might be empty. I can fight him. Stupid gamble, but it paid off.

Funny thing is, there were policemen less than 200 meters from there. But they couldn’t have seen anything because of those Apapa-destined trucks. I sha reported to them, and a few of them moved in the direction where it happened. Didn’t wait to see what happened next.

Finally, @mbuhari, @AkinwunmiAmbode, those trucks on Eko Bridge are the reason I almost got robbed tonight. Many others have fallen victim. Many others will. Their loss, and blood are all on your heads.
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