Mia Khalifa Curses Out Radio Host for Calling Her a Former Porn Star

Last year, Mia Khalifa was in attendance at a Tampa Bay Lightning vs Washington Capitals hockey game, where she was hit by a flying puck that she estimated was going 80 mph on impact. The puck deflated one of her breast implants and she had to have surgery over the incident, where she then credited the Beverly Hills-based surgeon for "saving her life."

More recently, however, Khalifa was invited on Tampa Bay’s 102.5 The Bone to speak about her injury, yet instead of taking the moment to shed light on what happened, she decided to curse out the radio host before the interview even got started.

The apparent reason for the hostility was over the fact that Khalifa was referred to as a "former porn star" during her introduction, and for that reason she went off on host Drew Garabo, by saying: “Um, first of all, I was in the adult industry for three months. So you need to f****** fact check before you ask me to call into your s***** radio station, goodbye.”

From there, the host was left befuddled as to why he wasn't allowed to reference Khalifa as a former porn star, which left the two to exchange shots on social media thereafter.

"I know the educational system in FL is sub par," Khalifa said in a later tweet, "but if you request an interview from someone recovering from extensive surgery and they graciously accept to speak on it, maybe don’t introduce them by talking about a different vapid adult actresses you once saw at a sporting event as cheap segue into the interview. I held back what I actually wanted to say to these Floridian inbred idiots, but damn, I hope the FCC sends you a check so high you’ll have to re-mortgage the caravan you and your cats sleep in."

As a rebuttal, Garabo replied to Khalifa by saying: “Hey genius, if the FCC sends me a check, I’ll be rich. Did you mean “fine” with that big ol’ brain on you? Also, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. I’ll gladly go toe-to-toe with you in any intellectual pursuit that doesn’t require me taking wieners in any of my orifices.”

With all that said, it appears that Khalifa's transition into sports reporting hasn't gone as smooth as she might have hoped. 



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