BREAKING NEWS: Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Eric Holder Captured, Getaway Driver Goes Free

By | On April 02, 2019

The woman who drove the getaway car spoke with LAPD detectives Tuesday and was allowed to go free ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.  We've learned the woman went to cops Tuesday and after interviewing her they let her leave.  Our sources say the woman could be arrested and/or charged at some point in the future,

One source connected to the case tell us, "Sometimes you have to give a little to get a lot."  Translation -- if she talks, she walks.

As we reported, TMZ spoke with a woman who was connected to ownership of the vehicle and told us she drove the getaway car, but did not know what Holder had done.

3:30 PM PT -- Holder's been transferred to LAPD custody now. He's being held without bail for Nipsey's murder.

2:25 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, murder suspect Eric Holder is in custody. The man arrested early Tuesday afternoon is in fact Holder, who is suspected of murdering Nipsey Hussle. The woman who is the suspected getaway driver reportedly turned herself in.

1:35 PM PT -- A man matching Eric Holder's description has reportedly been captured in the L.A. suburb of Bellflower.

Law enforcement sources tell us L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. deputies nabbed him around 12:53 PM in the 9000 block of Artesia Blvd.

We're told he's been detained for now, and LAPD is responding to make a positive ID. Dispatch audio TMZ has obtained identifies a "possible 187 suspect," meaning homicide suspect. They then confirm they have a detainee in custody, matching Holder's description.

9:33 AM PT -- The LAPD's presser just wrapped, and a number of details in the Nipsey murder case were revealed. One of the most intriguing was an email that either Nipsey himself or someone at Roc Nation sent to L.A. Police Commissioner Steve Soboroff, which he read publicly.

As we reported, Nipsey wanted to get together with the police to work on ways to prevent gang violence in his neighborhood.

The email read, "Our goal is to work with the department to help improve communication, relationships and work toward changing the culture and dialogue between LAPD and the inner city. We want to hear about your new program and your goals for the department, as well as how we can help stop gang violence."

Soboroff says the meeting will happen in honor of Nipsey whenever his family and Roc Nation are ready to do it.

LAPD Police Chief Michel Moore says he doesn't believe Nipsey's murder -- allegedly carried out at the hands of Eric Holder -- was gang-related per se ... in that it wasn't a conflict between rival gangs. Moore says there was a personal dispute between them.

Chief Moore urged Holder to surrender, and anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward.

8:00 AM PT -- The LAPD will hold a news conference at 8:30 AM PT to reveal developments in the case. We will be live streaming.



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