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Kodak Black: “How Lauren London Think I’m Ugly When She Had a Baby By Lil Wayne Gremlin Lookin Ass”

By | On April 22, 2019

The disrespect continues as Kodak is constantly hard at work, trolling Lauren London. A few weeks back, Kodak Black took to social media expression his desire to date Lauren London. In the video, he said that he would be the right man after London’s boyfriend, rapper Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down in Los Angeles last month. He says that he would give Lauren London at the least a year to mourn his death before he would proceed to shoot his shot. Kodak’s video went viral and many fans and celebrities were out raged with Kodak’s insensitivity.

Since releasing the video, Kodak Black released an apology to Lauren London. In the video Kodak states that he did not feel that he was being disrespectful but he did proceed to give what some would call a half-assed apology. Lauren London never actually commented on Kodak Black’s comments but somehow, Kodak Black has assumed that Lauren London thinks he is ugly.

In an Instagram live video session Kodak Black has addressed the rumor that Lauren London has allegedly called him ugly. Here’s what Kodak Black had to say:

“How the hell Lauren London think I’m ugly when she had a baby by Lil Wayne gremlin lookin’ ass? I’m sexy AF, I look better than her baby daddy, I got more money than her baby daddy and I’m pretty sure that I’d hit it better than her baby daddy too. She got a lot of nerve thinking I’m ugly. Ain’t no way she really believe that. I bet we could have some pretty babies too. Lauren London I got a message for you. Even though you said I’m ugly, I forgive you. I know you hurting right now but you know I’m super fly”

Just like the rest of Kodak Black’s comments, we don’t believe that Lauren London will acknowledge anything that comes out his mouth. London is not the only person Kodak Black has been trolling. Over the past month he has been feuding with Lil Wayne, T.I., Young MA, The Game and more.



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