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Watch Man Dressed As Batman Turned Away By Police After He Offers To Help

By | On April 09, 2019

There is no one more intent on providing justice than Batman, whose unorthodox methods often rub up against the corrupt practices of the Gotham City Police Department.

And it would appear that Bruce Wayne is longer content with cleaning up his crime-riddled home city, taking his one-man crusade to the decidedly less gritty Kelowna, in Canada’s British Columbia.

Local police had been attending to an incident at a property when a black pick-up truck rolled up, bearing the iconic bat signal logo. The vehicle was not quite as sleek as the Batmobile, but not doubt proved more practical for zooming around the rugged Canadian landscape.

And who should hop out but a man dressed head to toe as the Dark Knight himself, strolling purposefully on over the cordoned off area to offer his expert, martial arts assistance.

The armed police assured the wealthy industrialist/vigilante that they ‘had it under control’, and he headed back to his pick-up truck looking more than a little forlorn. It was not clear whether or not Robin was waiting for him in the passenger seat.

The bizarre scene was filmed by a passing motorist, with the amusing footage since going viral.

As reported by the MailOnline, Melissa Parent, who captured and shared the footage, has given the following account of her surreal encounter with the Caped Crusader:

We were driving home from a friend’s house Saturday evening when a police car pulled out in front of us and blocked the intersection,

He was followed by five more police cars, so we pulled over at a safe distance to see what was going on. Before we knew it, the cops had their guns drawn and Batman came out of nowhere, parked in front of us in his black Dodge truck covered in the Batman logo and sprung into action.

A police spokesperson has also given a statement, firmly letting this would-be superhero know his actions could have had more serious consequences:

Situations like this are dynamic and subject to change very quickly: the presence of ‘Batman’ or anyone else is an unwanted distraction and foolish as they are placing themselves at risk.

Sadly, In the below video Batman’s famously astute deductive powers have failed him this time. Hopefully Alfred will make him a nice cup of tea when he gets home to cheer him up.



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