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Wendy Williams’ Gay, Cheating Husband Said He Fell In Love With Her Because “She Looks Like A Transsexual”

By | On April 22, 2019

Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ soon-to-be ex husband has been in the hot seat for a few weeks after his cheating scandal surfaced. It was recently revealed that he impregnated his side chick, Sharina Hudson and she gave birth not too long ago.

 Although it has not been confirmed that Kevin is actually the baby’s daddy, the shocking revelation was the last straw that destroyed his marriage to Wendy Williams. According to Williams, her estranged husband has been cheating for years and also been both physically and emotionally abusive. The stress from the marriage turned Wendy to alcohol and eventually landed her rehab.

Aside from Kevin’s side chick being exposed, the plot has thickened as it also been rumored that Kevin not only cheats with women but with men too.

Sources say Kevin has always been sexually attracted to men, trans women in particular. According to sources close to both Kevin and Wendy, Kevin actually approached Wendy when they began dating because he though she was a trans woman. Apparently Kevin has an affinity for men who identify as trans women, cross dressers and drag queens. 
“Kevin said that when he met Wendy, it was love at first sight. He fell in love with her looks because he thought she looked like a transsexual. He loved her large extremities and chiseled facial features. Even after they dated for a while it took a lot of convincing on Wendy’s end to prove that she was indeed born a woman. Kevin says he didn’t care what she was born as but deep down, he would’ve been more satisfied if she’d been born as a man, even if she had gender reassignment surgery to be a woman.”

Says a close friend of the two in a quick interview with TMZ, It’s certainly surprising that such revelations have been made and fans across the world are supporting Wendy Williams during her divorce. We are told she is devastated and she is feeling lost. We’ve reached out to Kevin and so far we have yet to get a response.
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