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Actress Meagan Tandy Sues T.I. For Not Disclosing His Herpes Status Before Kissing Scene In His New Movie “The Trap”

Actress Megan Tandy is suing T.I. after he allegedly exposed her to herpes while filming the movie “The Trap” which just premiered on Netflix on April 1st. According to sources close to Tandy, she is outraged that her character Sasha, who is T.I.’s character’s love interest, engaged in a few kissing scenes without knowing his herpes status.

Apparently, the virus is something that he knowingly had and did not disclose to his co-stars. T.I. allegedly contracted the virus over a decade ago and been receiving treatment to keep the outbreaks at bay. So far, Tandy has not tested positive for the virus but is still upset.

T.I. has not responded to the latest allegations regarding his herpes outbreak and he will probably not respond. Megan Tandy has retained a lawyer and our sources tell us that she is seeking punitive damages. She feels that T.I. Put her health in serious risk and had she known his status, she would have turned down the part. Herpes is not a fun disease to live with however it’s not life threatening. There have been no deaths from Herpes and if a medicine regimen is followed properly, the chances of having an outbreak or even passing the virus on is slim to none. Our sources tell us that during the filming of the movie, “The Trap”, not a single person on the set has confirmed that they saw T.I. with a cold sore on his lip.




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