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Amber Rose Says Her Weirdest Sexual Experience Was When Kanye Used A Penis Extender On Her!

Amber Rose and Kanye West broke up eight years ago and to this day, Amber Rose still credits ‘Ye with giving her one of the weirdest sexual experiences of her life. Kanye has always struck many as a weird individual so it comes to no surprise that Amber Rose says that she’s got some weird memories with him. Even after 8 years, Kanye still tops the list. Here’s what Amber Rose has to say in an interview she did with a Georgia radio station:

“My weirdest sexual experience was definitely with Kanye. He was into some really freaky ish. I’ll never forget the first time we did it he used a penis extender on me.

He said he couldn’t stand to see the size of his own d*ck. He claims the penis extender was for my pleasure but the reality was that it was for his own ego. He was also into BDSM. As narcissistic as he is, he actually liked to play the submissive role. He’d ask me to put a chain around his neck and walk him like a dog. He was super weird.”

We don’t doubt that Amber Rose is telling the truth after all when it comes to Kanye, anything is possible. Kanye’s sex life has never been publicized before, Amber Rose is the first person to ever come out with bedroom details about ‘Ye and it took eight years for it to come out.




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