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Future Claims He’s Already Made Way More Money On Shows Than Russell Wilson Will Ever With His “Lil Contract”

Seahawks star quarterback, Russell Wilson, just signed what some are calling a historic deal which will in turn make him the highest paid player in the NFL.

$140 million over a four year extension deal that also includes a $65 million signing bonus is the agreement between Seahawks and Wilson and we have to admit that a remarkable deal. Before this deal, Aaron Rodgers was the highest paid player.

Russell and his wife, singer Ciara, took to social media a celebration video and of course the video came by Future, the ex and baby daddy of Ciara, Over the years, Future has made many comments in regards to the relationship between Ciara and Russell Wilson, and for the most part, the comments have been perceived as “hating”.

Well we caught up to Future the hating has not stopped on his end. Instead of congratulating, here’s what he had to say about Russell Wilson:

“I’m not impressed with Russell Wilson or his contract. Who cares? And to be honest, he’s not the best quarterback in the world. He’s not Tom Brady.

He ain’t even Matt Ryan. He’s just a lame that lucked up. I’m not one bit impressed with him. Why is he even trending? I’ve already made way more money on shows than Russell Wilson will ever make with his lil’ contract. That’s what needs to be trending.

I could double his four year contract in one year if I wanted to without even trapping”

We don’t know if we necessarily believe Future but that is the claim we’d love to receipts for. Until Future releases some type of bank statements or pay statements that can back up his claim, we will just continue to believe he is just hating.



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