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Future to Sign Over Parental Rights to Avoid Further Drama and Disrespect With Ciara & Russell Wilson

Rapper Future has retained a lawyer and is ready to terminate his parental rights over son four year old son Future Wilburn. 

According to sources close to Future, he is tired of battling Ciara and her new husband, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Future’s reputation as a father has been drug through the mud and we are told he is fed up.

The drama with the Wilsons have put a major strain on Future and Future Jr’s relationship and Future no longer wants to deal with it.

According to Future he’s done and here’s what he had to say:

“I think it’s best that I sign over my parental rights because the drama and the disrespect is too much to bear. I don’t deserve this. I’ve done all that I can do and it’s not enough. Ciara and her man have brainwashed my boy and he don’t even really recognize me as his dad.

He calls Russell dad. He mimicked Russell’s characteristics not mine. Other than his name, we have no connection. I know it’s no fault of his own but at this time I think it’s time for me to move on. I have five other kids who depend on me and it’s unfair for me to devote so much time tryna make things right with my son Future.

I’ll always love my son with a doubt but I think this is the best thing for all of us. When he grows up, hopefully he’ll understand that this is the doing of his mama not me.

This is what she ultimately wanted. I know I’ll be looked at as the bad guy and I’m used to it. I just want my son to know I’ll always love him but done being disrespected by Ciara and Russell Wilson”

Future’s lawyer will be filing the petition today and because of his celebrity status, the process can take as long as a month. So far, neither Ciara nor Russell have commented but by the looks of things, they are probably both elated.

Many will be more curious to know what kind of affect this will have on Future Jr. Do you think Future gave up to early in the fight? Future has five other kids and as far as the public knows, the relationship with the others are just fine.



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