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Kodak Black to T.I.: You Better Watch Ya Mouth Before Ya Daughter Deyjah Gets Piped”

By | On May 01, 2019

So as the feud continues between the two rappers, Kodak has again struck with the disrespect. Earlier, it was reported that Kodak called T.I. fxggots now he’s talking about having intercourse with his daughter Deyjah. The rappers have been going back and forth over the past two weeks and it all started because Kodak took to social media to express his feelings about shooting his shot at Lauren London, just days after the passing of her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle. Kodak’s video did not sit well with T.I. and since the two have been feuding. It has even escalated to the point where the rappers are now making diss tracks about each other.

Today, Kodak Black has taken the beef a step forward and this time he’s talking about T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah. Here’s what Kodak Black had to say:

“Look, I am not Lil Flip. Ain’t nobody scared of T.I. and he ain’t gonna end my career. I got some advice for you T.I., sit yo old ass down somewhere. You 45 years old worried bout what I’m doing. I suggest you watch ya mouth before ya daughter Deyjah gets piped. Keep it up and I might just nut in her. Are you ready to be a grand daddy? She finer than a bih too, so it won’t take long”

Each time we’ve reported on Kodak Black’s comments towards T.I. and just when we think it can’t get any worse, it does. Kodak has crossed the line of disrespect and each time, Kodak leaves fans and observers appalled. T.I. has yet to back down and each time he fires back at the “ZEZE” rapper. So what’s in store for the next episode of T.I. vs Kodak Black? Do you think Kodak Black should leave T.I.’s kids out of the feud?

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