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Nipsey Hussle’s Killer Claims “The Government” Made Him Do It

Eric Holder, the man accused of murdering beloved rapper Nipsey Hussle plead not guilty however according to our sources, he plans to confess to the murder and give details about why he did it. Holder is claiming that “the government” hired him to gun down Nipsey in front of his store and promised he would not be caught and a check for $75,000. Well, Holder is not pleased with how the deal went south and now, from behind bars, he has revealed that he was contacted by the government to kill Nipsey.

According to Holder, he was contacted by the Los Angeles Police Department and they had a an offer he could not refuse – $75,000 for claiming the life of Nipsey Hussle. In the grand scheme of things, $75,000 is not a lot of money, but it was enough money for a friend to viciously kill Nipsey. Holder stated that LAPD’s motive behind wanting Bipsey dead was unclear, and he did not bother to ask since “money talks”. With all the good that Nipsey was doing for the black and minority communities of south Los Angeles, one can speculate that LAPD wanted Nipsey dead to of course stop the education of minorities and to start a gang war.

Eric Holder, who goes by Sh*tty Cuz in the streets, is a well known informant so it’s very possible that he did make, or at least attempt to make a deal with LAPD to end the life of Nipsey Hussle. What do you believe? Do you believe LAPD is responsible for the murder of Nipsey Hussle? Can we believe Eric Holder, an informant, would go as low to kill his friend for $75,000? At this time, LAPD, has not made a statement in regards to Holder’s claim. At this time, they are actively working to build a case against Eric Holder in order to convict him for the murder of Nipsey Hussle.




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