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Russell Wilson Gifts All Future’s Baby Mamas $10K College Fund For Their Kids

Russell Wilson is at it again with his generosity. As most have heard, Russell Wilson has signed the biggest contract in the NFL, a four year extension to the tune of $87.6 million, with a bonus of $65 million.

Known for his generosity, he gifted all the Seahawks linemen a $12K amazon gift card each. Wilson, who is a charitable and generous giver has now done another good deed.

He’s is gifting all of Future’s baby mamas $10,000 for each of their children for a college fund.

Russell Wilson, an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, believes that it is imperative that children focus on academics, even more than sports. As a scholar, its important to give children the opportunity to go to college to further themselves and become productive citizens.

Wilson encourages education as well as sports but he also understands that every one is not nearly as athletic as he is.

Saying “I wanted to give these children the stepping stones to getting a college education. These kids are the siblings of my son and it is my goal to make sure that they have the same opportunities as my son. I understand that their parents have a lot on their plates and its almost as if its my duty to help these children succeed. I love my son so by default I love his siblings as well. I hope that I can have some sort of impact on their lives.” says Russell Wilson. We applaud Wilson for his tremendous amount and generosity. He has gifted all 10 of Future’s kids with the college fund worth $10,000 and according to our sources, their mothers are ecstatic.



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