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Steph Curry Blindsided By His Wife’s Comments… “I Give Her My Everything Daily”

By | On May 13, 2019

Just a few days ago, Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha Curry revealed that she feels undesired because she doesn’t receive any male attention. As beautiful as Ayesha Curry is, one would think her DM’s are flooded with guys thirsting for her but according to Ayesha, contrary to popular belief, she never gets hit on by men and it’s left her wondering, “what’s wrong with me”.

Well according to sources close to the Curry family, Steph was blindsided by her comments and left in utterly disbelief after his wife was upset that she doesn’t get hit on by men. We’re told that the Golden State Warrior was not happy and here’s what he had to say in regards to Ayesha’s comments:

“I’m not gone lie, my feelings were hurt. I’m embarrassed that my wife would publicly complain about not getting attention from other males. I’m sure there are men all over the world wishing they could have a woman half as beautiful and smart as Ayesha. She’s become, for lack of better words, the poster child for what a wife should be and here she is, worried about if she’s still got it and if there’s something wrong with her. It’s infuriating considering that I give her my everything daily. Not a day goes by that I don’t tell my wife she’s amazing, or that she’s beautiful or how much I love her. She’s made me look like I don’t give her enough affirmation, like I don’t care. I adore my wife to the point where it shouldn’t matter if she’s getting male attention. It hurts that she can’t see that”

says Steph Curry in the below interview. Was it wrong for Ayesha to make those comments as a married woman? Should Steph step his game up? Ayesha’s comments have been an eye opener, all that glitters ain’t gold it makes us wonder if there’s trouble in paradise.



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