Currently Serving Rapper Tay-K Rushed To The Hospital

By | On August 02, 2019

Teen rapper Tay-K was recently sentenced to 55-years in prison for murder, a case in which his hit song, “The Race” gave damning evidence that led to his conviction. Currently held at the Tarrant County Jail, he is preparing to face 55 years worth of charges, which will be served concurrently. The murder happened back in July 2016, when Tay-K and crew went to the home Ethan Walker for a robbery that lead to a murder.

Although Tay-K’s attorneys argued that he did not pull the trigger on the victim, Tay-K was tasked with searching the home for money and drugs. On Monday, Tay-K plead not guilty to murder but guilty to two counts of aggravated robbery.

Although Tay-K was convicted of 55 years in prison, he still faces a capital murder charge for the fatal shooting death of Mark Anthony Saldivar, 21, a photographer at a Chick-Fil-A in Bexar County, Texas. In addition to those charges, he is also facing a lawsuit for the brutal beating of 65 year old Owney “Skip” Pepe in Arlington’s Craven Park which left the elderly man several broken bones, a brain bleed, and unconscious. He was found left for dead in a nearby wooded area.

There does not appear to be a silver lining for the rapper. Although the demeanor of the juvenile appeared to be nonchalant and lacking remorse, the trials have taken a toll on Tay-K’s mental health. It was reported by corrections authorities attempted to take his life which was unsuccessful.

According to sources, in the below video the rapper tried to hang himself with a bed sheet in his cell. He was found hanging, and immediately removed. He was rushed to a nearby emergency room where he was treated for the loss of oxygen to his brain, known as asphyxia. So far, the conditions of Tay-K’s health have not been revealed.



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