Trump Speaks On Kaepernick, Says He Should Play in NFL "If He's Good Enough"

By: TCF! Staff | On: August 11, 2019

In the past, Donald Trump went out of his way to criticize Colin Kaepernick for his kneeling protest during the national anthem. Trump previously said, “Get that son of a b***h of the field right now.”

Now, Trump has changed his tune on Kaepernick, which he revealed during a recent press conference at the White House.

Trump said Kaepernick should get another shot at the NFL, saying “If he’s good enough, and I think if he was good enough, I know the owners and I know Bob Kraft and so many of the owners. If he’s good enough, they would sign him.”

He continued: “So if he’s good enough, I know these people, they would sign him in a heartbeat. They will do anything to win games. So I would like to see it. Frankly, I would love to see Kaepernick come in if he’s good enough.”


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