Mother Gets Mixed Reactions As She Starts Twerking At Son’s Graduation When His Name Gets Called On Stage

By: TCF! Staff | On: November 24, 2019

The internet is so on fire after a controversial video of a mother twerking at her son’s graduation ceremony has gone viral. The clip in question begins with students lining up to walk across the stage and accept their high school diploma.

When the woman’s son’s name is called, she struts on to the stage and begins twerking.

Wearing a bold yellow jumpsuit, the woman continues her dance moves until she is escorted away by security. The graduating students watched in amazement as this mother upstaged their ceremony.

The moment was highlighted even more with the woman’s spiked purple hair drawing attention to her dancing. Supporters of the woman say that she was merely proud of her son’s accomplishments and could not contain her excitement.

Her detractors say that her behavior at the formal ceremony was inappropriate for the occasion. Others are mixed on the subject, saying that one twerk would have been acceptable had she not continued with the spectacle.

The only opinion that truly matters is that of the graduate. Everyone wonders how he felt about his mother captured his moment in the spotlight.

Watch the video below...


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