Hundreds Of Kobe Fans Ignored Police Warnings To Attend STAPLES Center Vigil

By | On January 27, 2020

As the Grammys were taking place at the STAPLES center last night, police warned fans not to visit the stadium so the awards ceremony wasn’t disrupted.

Prior to the event, police had cordoned off the stadium anticipating the arrival of hundreds of celebrities  with the ceremony beginning at 5pm local time.

In response to the warnings, fans reminded the police that the STAPLES center was in fact ‘the house  that Kobe built’ and therefore many chose to actively ignore their cautioning.

In a tweet, the Los Angles Police Department Head Quarters (LAPD HQ) tweeted:

Responding to the tweeted, heartbroken basketball fans argued the Grammys should be cancelled and that it wasn’t a night for celebrating.

One person tweeted:

Cancel the Grammys and start passing out candles for the 7 day long candle light vigil that needs to happen. Nobody cares about who wins which award right now.

We’re aware of published reports regarding the helicopter crash in Calabasas today & we’re still in the process of confirming with @LASDHQ who was on board. As a reminder, the area around the Staples Center is closed due to the Grammys & fans will not be able to access the arena.

Fans weren’t the only ones to visit the centre; LA Lakers player Quinn Cook also went down to pay his respects and understandably looked heartbroken.

Someone who also attended the stadium tweeted the photo:

I didn’t even realize this was Quinn cook until after I took the picture. Quinn has been a die hard laker fan since he was a kid too.

Tributes for the late basketball player didn’t just take place at the STAPLES center, several other places paid respect to the 41-year-old and his daughter by shining purple and yellow lights – the LA Lakers colours.

One place that this took place was New York’s Madison Square Garden, along with many other places too.



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