Princess Keisha Omilana A Yoruba Princess From Nigeria Says She Didn't Know Her Now-husband Was A Prince Until 2 Years Into Their Relationship,

By | On June 20, 2020

Princess Keisha Omilana a Yoruba princess from Nigeria  was trying to find her way to a model casting in New York City when her life changed forever. Of course, she couldn't have known then — 16 years ago, lost and standing outside the W Hotel — that the man who had just approached her was her future husband. And that he was a also a Yoruba Nigerian prince.

"I could feel this presence looking at me, and I look up and see this handsome gentleman just standing there," Keisha told Insider.

"And nobody just stands in New York City. Everyone's on their way somewhere, moving, going.

"He came up to me and said: 'You are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my entire life. Would you do me the honor of having your number? I'd love to take you out.'"

She said no — at least at first, anyway. After politely explaining that she didn't give her number to strangers, she turned away from the man and continued on her journey. That was until, as Keisha explained, her "woman's intuition" kicked in.

"The guy was nice. He spoke well, he looked decent. He wasn't catcalling. I thought I should just give him my number and see what happens," she said.

After turning back to the hotel, Keisha discovered the man "was still there, with his phone in his hand as if he knew I would come back."

What she didn't know was that she had just agreed to go on a date with Prince Adekunle "Kunle" Adebayo Omilana, from the Arigbabuowo ruling house in Nigeria.

And she wouldn't know his true identity for another two years, until she met his mother.

Prince Kunle's mom called Keisha 'my princess' when they met, but she thought it was just a pet name — not her future title
She was destined to become Princess Keisha, and she didn't even know it yet.

Since Kunle hadn't told her about his family, Keisha remained happily oblivious to royal tradition, protocol, and status throughout the first two years of their relationship.

Instead, she focused on advancing her modeling career.

Originally from Inglewood, California, Keisha graduated with a fashion design degree in Chicago before moving to New York, where she would eventually become a successful model, working with the likes of L'Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, Cover Girl, and more notably, Pantene.



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