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Walmart Giant In Georgia Trampled On Their African American Supplier! - My Natural Hair Is Beautiful

By | On June 20, 2020

Ms. Julie Jackson of Julie J. Jackson and Broke Jack & Friends, LLC, states after becoming a registered Walmart supplier for the Superstore; her Merchandise was removed from the display racks after being sold in stores for 8 months.  Ms. Jackson states her merchandise; “flourished instantly” in the 7 urban Walmart Stores in Georgia.

Merchandise featuring a happy African- American young lady and bearing the phrase “My Nappy Hair Is Beautiful” and “My Natural Hair Is Beautiful” were removed without explanation by Regional Manager Paul Lewellen. This was done under the protest of all 7 black managers of Walmart stores where Ms. Jackson's brand was sold.

Ms. Jackson’s brand promotes positive imagery, “while the theme of my brand was designed to instill cultural pride and self-respect in natural, African-American hair and hair-styles, it is important to point out that my brand is racially inclusive, and I have integrated characters of other ethnicities who embrace "nappy hair” as a hair-style choice. ...black & brown women and girls are very rarely seen as beautiful, especially our hair.”

Riverdale Store Manager Mcafee, “tried to protest the order from Lewellen to remove the merchandise … he tried to explain to Lewellen that the term “nappy” hair or “natural” hair was not a derogatory or racially charged phrase “…Mr. Lewellen would not be reasoned with”.

"At Walmart, we are proud to be able to use our stores to empower diverse suppliers," said Michael Byron, Senior Director, Supplier Diversity and Inclusion.

HuffPost.com quote: "We have the opportunity to change what it means to be beautiful, presentable, and accept nappiness as something celebrated, not brushed away"

Regional Manager Paul Lewellen conducted a walk through and removed  Ms. Jackson's company items from all the stores. While Walmart continued to carry items from other vendors depicting Caucasian women. Ms. Jackson saw this as a racist act. She stated that the removal of her brand was also accompanied by deactivation of her access to Walmart's Supplier Portal Retail Link. Ms. Jackson does have a minority owned business to whom Walmart claims they will help. Walmart never sent Ms. Jackson a letter explaining why her popular selling brand was removed.  She and the managers were left in limbo.

It appears that the Superstore Walmart doesn't practice what they preach; when it comes to their Supplier Diversity and Inclusion program. to support this black business contact them below

Email Contact: [email protected]
Facebook Page: J.J. Jackson Apparel



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