‘Flying’ Turtle Smashes Through Moving Car’s Windshield, How This Bizarre Incident Stunned People

By | On September 01, 2020

A turtle crashing to a car’s windshield isn’t something one could imagine and yet that is what happened in this bizarre incident.

While driving through Savannah’s Truman Parkway in Georgia, USA a reptile came hurtling through the windshield of Latonya Lark’s car and got stuck there.

To warn others and to spread awareness, Lark took to Facebook to share the incident along with images and a video. Now her post has sparked all sorts of reactions among people.

“Mr Turtle was found at fault but he did not have insurance. He got escorted to the Wildlife reserve; I got stuck with the bill,” Lark wrote. “So beware Savannah of flying turtle on the Truman Parkway. My brother almost lost his head. Besides my sugar going off the roof. I am fine but disturbed,” she added.

Lark was driving along with her brother when she saw something headed straight towards them.

She said to her brother “it’s a brick in the air”, reports WSAV-TV. Within seconds of her noticing the object, it crashed into their car. That’s when they realised it wasn’t a brick but a turtle.

This highly unusual incident has left people will tons of questions and varied reactions.

“I always hated getting hit by turtle shells on Mario Kart,” joked a Facebook user drawing a reference to a popular game involving turtle shells hurting the hero, Mario. “This is sooo bizarre,” wrote another.

Several people inquired about the wellbeing of the turtle. In her post Lark mentioned that the turtle was rescued by the forest reserve officials. However, later she told WSAV-TV that the reptile eventually didn’t make it and died.

Reflecting back on the incident, the siblings said that this taught them that anything can happen without a moment’s notice. Now, that’s a lesson which applies to everyone. Don’t you agree?
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