Stop Doing These Things In The Morning As They Are Silently Killing You.

By | On September 03, 2020

We always seem to be bombarded when we wake up with all kinds of distractions. And while we have some of our morning routines full of healthy rituals to help our days start, many of us are doing some things that are not so morning friendly.

You need to stop doing these things in the morning as they are silently killing you.

1. Not drinking Water

Do not skip drinking water once you wake up! Drinking a glass of water for hours after in the morning will be the most ideal way for the stomach to refill. Treat yourself by adding lemon to the water. This will help to eliminate toxins that normally emerge overnight from your digestive tract and provide you with a strong source of vitamin C that will strengthen your skin and enhance digestion.

2. Hitting The Snooze Buttons

Researchers already came to know that the rest of the day will feel groggy by hitting the snooze button, however, fragmented sleep is also harmful to your health. If you are a person who feels the effect of this, try to go to bed a half-hour early each night instead of hammering down on that snooze button for a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings.

3. Social Media Monitoring

Alongside being harmful to your mental health is an unwitting way to lose track of time (and attention) in your mornings is by scrolling through your media right after waking up. You need to let your brain wake up on its own instead of diving nose-first into the busy outside world first thing after you wake up.

4. Waking Up At Odd And Inconsistent Hours

It not only makes it much easier to wake up in the morning, (without the snooze button) but also building a fixed sleep schedule that guarantees an excellent 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night does wonders for your morning.

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