Comedian Craze Clown In Tears Following Deadly Car Crash On Wife's Birthday.

By | On October 28, 2020

Popular Instagram Comedian, Emmanuel Iwueke, popularly known as  Craze clown, has broken down in tears following his escape from a fatal car accident on his wifes irthday. 
On October 26, 2020, the comedian had taken to Instagram to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

He had showered sweet words explaining how much he loved his wife.

However, shortly after that, the comedian took to his official Instagram account to share a video of the life-threatening accident involving his silver-colored BMW which is beyond recognition.

“This is what I just survived, I just survived this. Oh my God, Jesus. GOD!!!! You saved my life on my wife’s birthday! I will tell the story later! But for now, just help me Thank GOD,” he captioned the video.

Craze clown also shared a video of himself in tears while giving further details about the auto crash.

According to him, someone died in the accident adding that he saw his life flash before his eye.

While playing the song, Nara by Tim Godfrey, the comedian let the tears flow freely as he noted that only “Thank You Jesus” are the words that keeps coming out of his mouth.

He also noted that he sustained minor injuries but he is okay.

He said, “My people, I have no words people. I want to talk but only, ‘THANK YOU JESUS’ keeps coming out of my mouth! Somebody died in this accident! I saw my life flash before my eyes! I already accepted my fate but GOD SAID NO!!! This song says EVERYTHING for me! THANK YOU JESUS. Thank you to everyone reaching, I’m okay just a dislocated wrist, neck, and bruises but I’m ALIVE!”

Click the image below 👇🏽 to watch the Video..


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